Cottelsloe Beach - GHD Design

Cottesloe Beach Redevelopment
Cottesloe, Western Australia

GHD Design were engaged by the Town of Cottesloe to redevelop the main beach terrace and embankments to the iconic Cottesloe Beach, allowing for ease of access and providing universal access to the iconic foreshore area.

The Cottesloe main beach area was previously a place with limited access which the local community had expressed dissatisfaction with. The purpose of the project was to provide a path allowing all users of the beach a safe transition between the beach, amenity areas and Marine Parade. This is achieved through the design of a ramped access path (1:14 slope) cutting through a series of “bathing” terraces, each accessible from the path landings. The landings provide an enhanced amenity for lounging and picnics whilst facilitating the retention of the slopes existing trees.

Key challenges included overcoming steep slopes for access whist minimising the impact on the foreshore landscape amenity including existing mature trees and the use of the slopes for picnics and sun-bathing.

The path not only significantly improves the access and function of the site, it also offers a sympathetic and aesthetically pleasing response which fits into the landform and surrounding landscape setting.

The project has been a resounding success with an accessible environment that benefits the local community and visitors, particularly seniors, people with disabilities and young families.

Western Australia
Civic, Community and Justice