RRA Fire Station- GHD Design

Rotorua Fire Station
Rotorua, NZ

Rotorua Regional Airport’s new, dedicated fire station and office building has been designed to fit in within the unique environment of the airport. To ensure the building was functional, safe and fit-for-purpose we engaged with airport staff throughout the design phase, this also ensured a limited impact on airport operations during the build. Conscious decision making around material and colours enable the building to be distinguished from others in the airport, whilst remaining non-reflective, so as not to impede air traffic control.

The resulting building is a modern addition that complements the existing airport landscape. Highly functional, the spaces enable fire and management teams to operate efficiently in their day-to-day work.

The floor planning comprises of neighbourhoods of varied work settings, enclosed meeting rooms, semi-enclosed collaborative areas, quiet nooks and open plazas, with each of the nine floors having its own identity through the use of colour and geometry.

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