Vector Wero Whitewater Park - GHD Design

Vector Wero Whitewater Park
Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand’s first purpose-built artificial whitewater facility, Vector Wero Whitewater Park provides opportunities for recreation, sports and emergency services training, school programmes, and youth development.

A 203-metre Grade 2 recreational whitewater course is popular with schools and the local community. The more challenging 294-metre, Olympic-standard Grade 4 course is used for canoe/kayak slalom training, commercial rafting, and world-class canoe and kayaking events. A 4.5 metre high artificial waterfall compliments the courses, providing an adrenalin rush for those willing to try it.

The courses are supplied from a 22-million litre storage pond. Consistent with Vector Wero’s philosophy of sustainability and use of natural resources, the pond is fed from an on-site bore and harvested rainwater. Simultaneous water flows deliver 16 cubic metres per second to the Grade 4 course, and 10.5 cubic metres per second to the Grade 2 course.

Constructed from cement-treated clay, and lined with shotcrete, the courses include drops and moveable obstacles. These create rapids in the channels, which can be tuned to allow for different levels of difficulty. The result is an exceptional whitewater facility for the local community, visitors, and professional athletes alike.

New Zealand
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