Who We are - GHDWoodhead

We are a different kind of architecture practice; our architects, interior designers, landscape architects and urban designers work closely with our project managers, engineers, planners, economists and environmental specialists to create intelligent and thoughtful design. We are always looking for people who strive to create inspirational places and simplify the complexity of contemporary life. If you are looking for a career move, contact us now to discover life@ghdwoodhead.



GHDWoodhead is a design led integrated practice operating globally through the GHD network of studios and offices. The company creates inspirational places and responsive architecture, landscapes, townscapes, buildings and interior spaces that simplify the complexity of contemporary life through intelligent and thoughtful design.

Our design process is a collaborative interdisciplinary practice that creates an integrated built outcome that is technically competent, elegantly and efficiently resolved, and economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Our integrated design work focusses on a holistic design approach. We view our projects as interdependent systems as opposed to an accumulation of separate components. We harmonise site, structure, systems and program in parallel to unlock innovative outcomes greater than the sum of the individual parts. Our design solutions are cohesive, robust and meet project objectives and ambitions.

Through integrated design, GHDWoodhead has become a respected leader in the built environment. Our designs incorporate inspiration, flair, enthusiasm and aesthetic function. We collaborate with clients throughout the project life cycle to understand challenges and drivers.


Leone Lorrimer
National Practice Leader

T: +61 292 397 100
M:+61 427 390 101
E: Leone Lorrimer

Craig Howard
Studio Director
Abu Dhabi

T: +97 126 968 817
M:+971 564 149 428
E: Craig Howard

Gary Hazel
Studio Director

T: +61 881 116 511
M:+61 418 266 986
E: Gary Hazel

Olivia Pearson
Studio Director
New Zealand

T: +64 937 080 97
M:+64 275 380 980
E: Olivia Pearson

Gilda Donegan
Studio Director

T: +61 733 163 184
M: +61 400 772 430
E: Gilda Donegan

Farhad Edibam
Studio Director

T: +61 261 133 281
M:+61 499 251 075
E: Farhad Edibam

Shadi Saliba
Studio Director

T: +97 444 289 471
M:+97 455 274 187
E: Shadi Saliba

Sebastien Miller
Studio Director

T: +97 126 968 871
M:+971 543 709 498
E: Sebastien Miller

Angelique Brett
Studio Director

T: +61 362 100 618
M:+61 422 053 411
E: Angelique Brett

Chris Acevski
Director of Architecture

T: +61 249 107 714
M:+61 477 677 666
E: Chris Acevski

Tim Randelle Alas
Studio Director

T: +63 289 098 106
M:+63 917 876 5967
E: Tim Randelle Alas

Will Delaney
Studio Director

T: +61 386 878 219
M:+61 448 230 044
E: Will Delaney

Ricardo Kiperman
Studio Director

T: +61 862 228 851
M:+61 414 964 050
E: Ricardo Kiperman

Nicolas Beaulieu-Asselin
Studio Director

T: +61 292 397 701
M:+61 419 191 213
E: Nicolas Beaulieu-Asselin

Craig Brown
Director of Architecture

T: +61 881 116 623
M:+61 407 403 346
E: Craig Brown

John McGrail
Director Architecture
South Island

T: +3 378 0971
E: John McGrail

Kelly Hedger
Director of Architecture

T: +64 755 701 14
E: Kelly Hedger

Richard Kaye
Director of Architecture

T: +61 447 487 55
M:+64 274 409 436
E: Richard Kaye

James Jones
Sector Leader
Civic, Community & Justice

T: +61 362 100 784
M:+61 429 943 745
E: James Jones

Martin Palmer
Sector Leader
Commercial & Workplace

T: +61 386 878 735
E: Martin Palmer

Paul Thatcher
Sector Leader
Education & Science

T: +61 386 878 383
M:+61 413 125 140
E: Paul Thatcher

David Stoneley
Sector Leader
Healthcare & Wellbeing

T: +61 733 163 523
M:+61 419 200 748
E: David Stoneley

Jim Williams
Sector Leader
Industrial, Resources & Utilities

T: +61 881 116 954
M:+61 417 860 744
E: Jim Williams

Stewart Verity
Sector Leader
Precincts & Places

T: +61 292 397 763
M:+61 405 358 347
E: Stewart Verity

Craig Muir
Sector Leader
Residential, Retirement & Aged Care

T: +61 862 228 520
M:+61 439 439 000
E: Craig Muir

Siobhan Hennessy
Sector Leader
Retail & Hospitality

T: +61 386 878 768
M:+61 415 785 353
E: Siobhan Hennessy

Gavin Adams
Sector Leader
Transportation Facilities

T: +61 733 163 448
M:+61 414 764 758
E: Gavin Adams

Colette McCartney
Director of Interiors &
Fitout Management
New Zealand

T: +64 9 370 8085
M:+64 21 313 633
E: Colette McCartney



We have a rational, evidence based approach to delivering sustainability in the built environment

A holistic consideration of sustainability from inception to decommissioning is central to GHDWoodhead’s approach to design. With an international network of specialists whose core competency is the provision of technical design and policy advice relating to sustainable buildings, we have a data base of evidence from completed projects to verify and develop innovations that deliver tangible benefits to clients, people and the environment. We enable a sensible integration of architecture and engineering to realise architecture that can inspire, distil complexity and create successful built environments for people



GHDWoodhead creates inspirational places and responsive architecture, landscapes, townscapes, buildings and interior spaces that simplify the complexity of contemporary life through intelligent and thoughtful design.

To do this, we actively seek and nurture the very best people in their respective fields to join our team across Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and the Philippines

At GHDWoodhead we all share in each other’s success and support each other through the challenges. Do you have the energy, teamwork, creativity and values to join us?


At GHDWoodhead, we support, encourage and empower our people by providing an environment where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.

GHDWoodhead's commitment to diversity and inclusion is embodied within our global strategy and includes: championing gender equality, cultural diversity, LGBTI inclusion, adapting to the needs of generational workers, Reconciliation with First peoples as well as flexible working arrangements for our people. Our actions in many regions continue to position us as an industry leader.