Hastings Police Station - GHD Design

Hastings Police Station
Hastings, New Zealand

As the Police partner more closely with the local communities they serve, stations need to be modern, transparent, and approachable. The new Hastings Police Station provides a welcoming and comfortable environment, which enables the Police to work more efficiently, and collaborate more with the Hastings community.

The station is on a prominent corner in central Hastings, adjacent to the Hastings District Courthouse, and a large picture frame window overlooks the city and the hills beyond. Most of the building is glazed at street level, opening up sightlines into the building.

The front door is easily identifiable below a large steel mesh screen. By day, this shades the atrium behind, and by night it is transparent, demystifying the workings of the station.

Staff on all three floors are connected through an atrium space, which disperses natural light through the building and provides a visual and acoustic link. The atrium also connects the public counter to the circulation spaces within the station, creates a visual dialogue between Police staff and the public.

The internal layout is predominantly open-plan, providing staff with a range of agile and activity-based workspaces to accommodate different tasks and working styles. A whānau (family) room provides a flexible and comfortable environment for staff to spend time with their families between shifts.