Light Armoured Vehicle Workshop - GHD Design

Light Armoured Vehicle Workshop
Linton Military Camp
Palmerston North, NZ

Linton Military Camp’s Light Armoured Vehicle Workshop combines industrial pragmatism with imaginative design. While maintaining a militaristic appearance, this project gave us an opportunity to exceed the New Zealand Defence Force’s expectations, and provide a secure, comfortable environment for maintenance staff, in a distinctive building they can be proud of.

Deliberately separated from the building envelope, the primary structure is left exposed, and windows are small. End and connection plates for cross bracing have been visually balanced, proportionate with the military aesthetic, and referencing the strength of the surroundings.

The workshop includes ventilated service pits, with custom hydraulic jacks and waste extraction trays for spent vehicle oil and brake fluids, and a custom gantry crane for lifting vehicles.

Mechanics enjoy under floor heating, and the building envelope is insulated, reducing the size of the associated heating and ventilation plant. Insulated skylights bring in natural light, which is supplemented by controlled, dimmable lighting.

Palmerston North
New Zealand
Defence and National Security