Lion - GHD Design

Auckland, New Zealand

One of Australasia’s largest food and beverage companies and integral to New Zealand’s retail, hospitality, and tourism industries, Lion Breweries operates from the heart of Auckland.

Originally spread over two locations, Lion merged into one 5,100sqm building. The new premises is adjacent to State Highway 1, which stretches the length of the country, from Cape Reinga in the north, to Bluff in the south. With this in mind, the two floors are referred to as the North (upper) and South (lower) Islands, and are each then broken down into “urban” and “rural” zones, reflecting the lifestyles associated with Lion’s products.

The fitout includes reproductions of residential buildings with timber moldings and windows, a fish and chip shop, and walls clad with beer crate timber. Custom-made “dinghies” (small row boats) are converted into seating, and laneway-style passages with faux-brick walls and graffiti connect collaboration and meeting spaces. Enclosed meeting rooms are identifiable by their distinctive wallpaper and furniture, and singular spaces for focused work capitalise on the natural light that enters the building from the perimeter.

The communal kitchen area sits at the heart of the building. Ceiling panels are removed to expose services, defining the space. Colourful bentwood furniture, banquette seating, and the location next to the staircase connecting Lion’s North and South Islands encourages connection and great conversations.

New Zealand
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