Watercare Nerve Centre - GHD Design

Watercare Nerve Centre
Auckland, New Zealand

As part of their digital transformation, Watercare had a goal of becoming more customer focused, reliable, efficient, and responsive to the changing needs of Aucklander’s. Their digital transformation presented an opportunity to improve their ways of working, with a collaborative attitude essential to uniting multiple teams across the business. A way to drive this change was through the creation of a new agile co-working space.

Their previous office was outdated, with staff split over three floors which created physical visual separations between the group. So, a desire for flexible spaces, with collaboration and social interaction was paramount, as was the need to reflect the well-known brand in the fit-out design. A cultural shift for the office is celebrated both aesthetically and socially in the new way of working.

The new workplace is built around the innovative ‘nerve centre’; a communicative and communal hub, where staff can react and pre-empt problems with the Watercare network.

Visualisation is key to the centre’s operation. Large screens and interactivity bring the team together, providing a predictive layer to the maintenance of Auckland’s water supply, so Watercare can pre-empt problems or identify them early, allowing for timely maintenance. Visibility of the screens is provided for all staff on the floor through glazed partitions and carefully planned work points and collaboration areas.

Centre and is the main workspace for the rest of their staff. The new workplace is revitalized with lockers, phone booths, meeting pods and a social hub, supporting new agile ways of working. Colors throughout the fit-out reflect branding hues and are offset with custom graphics inspired by water. The reception area is revitalized through changes in graphics, flooring, and furniture to become a more modern, cohesive, and approachable space.

The client and staff have embraced the fitout, as well as the skeptical control room staff. Everyone is now very accepting and excited about the vibrant, interactive and collaborative space.

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