Wurun Senior Campus - GHDWoodhead

Wurun Senior Campus
Fitzroy North, Victoria

A transformed approach to senior secondary learning

GHDWoodhead and Grimshaw have collaborated to create a highly sustainable vertical school that will bring together 650 students from the senior secondary program partnership between Collingwood College and Fitzroy High School. The new six-level campus will support diverse learning styles and contemporary teaching methods.

The student experience is prioritised in the design of this sustainable all-electric building. And by facilitating an inclusive design process, we have united the different schools’ histories and cultures in a ‘whole of school’ solution that integrates with the local community.

The terraced form of the building gives students on each level access to a series of outdoor balconies and rooftop spaces. These maximise fresh air and natural light and provide opportunities for active recreation, outdoor learning, social connection, and private contemplation.

Themed learning precincts provide specialised facilities and equipment optimised for the educational experience, with connections between levels and precincts to encourage curiosity, collaboration, creativity, and interdisciplinary learning across the curriculum.

All areas are digitally enabled and physically flexible to allow multiple configurations from small group spaces to 360-degree learning, large workshops, and examinations.

The new school also features three multi-purpose sports courts in a stacked configuration with the ground level sports facility designed to be accessible by the community out-of-hours.

The new school is on track to open to students in Term 1, 2022.

Fitzroy North
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